Last day – Cairo

So, after 3 full days and 2 nights in Luxor it was back to Cairo on the overnight train.

One final day in Cairo, to visit the Egyptian Museum (particularly to see the Tutankhamum exhibits), ride some more dangerously overcrowded mad buses, and sample the local street food…

….and draw your attention to behind the left-hand chef’s legs, where the little feral street cat has come to terms with his fate, and is clambering into the kebab wagon!

Finally, a wander off to do some haggling in the Khan-al-Khalili bazaar.

Then a late (overnight) flight back to Heathrow. I hit looong delays changing planes in Istanbul because of the weather in London…

…which was a bit of a contrast to the 20-something degrees warmer it had been in Cairo 14 hours earlier.

Final thought on Egypt? After crossing all those crazy roads, I came home and played an old emulator version of ‘Frogger’. Easy as pie, that road crossing lark 😉


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