Day 3: Muddy Convergence

In case, dear reader, you don’t read every Lonely Planet guide, Kuala Lumpur means ‘muddy convergence’ in Malaysian. I’ve smelt the two converging rivers, the Klang and the Gombak, and they’re smell not only of mud but sulphur and putrefying fish. Mmmm.

For all that Dubai was a multicultural place, it was very segregated between the Finance and traditional districts. Kuala Lumpur is truly integrated, with shacks next to old Colonial-style grand architecture, next to gleaming modern skyscrapers. Then add in a monorail, and it looks a wee bit like The Jetsons:

You have to get up pretty early, and brave the dazzling early sunlight, to head to the Petronas Towers to queue for a ticket for the skybridge visit.

It’s a long way up from the bottom, and even further from just halfway up (the skybridge is the 41st and 42nd floors):

Batu Caves are about 10 miles north-west of KL, on a crazy local bus. Once you’ve climbed the 272 steps, you’re inside a cool, damp cave with lots of Hindu temples and hilarious monkeys!

Odd Malaysian monkey God, with 1980s Kevin Keegan wet-look perm:

Finally, in honour of the Formula 1 tomorrow, here’s Malaysian Stig skulking around at the bottom of the Petronas towers looking for petrol to ingest:



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