Day 4: Sepang prangs

So to, for those of you who hadn’t guessed (!), the real reason my final flight change on the way to Beijing is in KL rather than Hong Kong (or even flying straight there from Dubai). Well when in Rome, sorry, I mean a several hundred mile radius of an F1 race…

Welcome to Sepang!

I’d say the car park is a bit more Brands Hatch than Silverstone!!

Moseying around in the F1 village:

Vettel and Webber rounding the final hairpin to finish the first lap in P1 and P2:

As, indeed, the race finished.

Vettel still in the lead on lap 9, as the prone Virgin of Timo Glock is towed away:

One M Schumacher, limping past me at north-circular-rush-hour-commuter-speed on lap ten, about 15 metres before stopping for good (apparently a rear suspension / drive problem):

And being driven away on the back of a motorbike, waving to the crowds:

Vettel still out front:

Lewis Hamilton speeding by:

He started 20th, owing to a bad tyre choice in incredibly wet qualifying yesterday, but finished 6th. Good drive, fella!

Seb Vettel taking his lap of honour:

Nico Rosberg taking the crowd and marshals’ cheers for finishing third:

A good finish for him, particularly given he roundly beat Schumacher again.

Alguersuari, Buemi, Hulkenberg, Trulli and F1-folk-hero-Karun-Chandhok all making it to the flag:

Well done, lads. I still maintain Hulkenberg is one hell of a one to watch, and Chandhok is just doing an amazing job given the practice time he’s had in that car. With a smile on his face, too!

Ending on someone who really should have listened when he was told that duffel coats were too hot for Malaysia!!

Thass all, folks. Off to board a plane for Beijing now. Let’s see how much of the internet I’m allowed on from then on in. If not, this might have to switch to after-the-event updating…

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Sepang prangs

  1. Now following your progress on a world atlas in the dining room (what dining room?) and using your detailed itinerary to keep us up to date. The guy with you in the duffle coat looks a real “Geeek” by the way! xxx

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