Day 8: Seein’ Xi’an

Another VERY slow & ropey internet connection, and certainly no photo uploader!

Today we arrived in Xi’an just after 8.30am, after a 12-hour night train from Beijing. There was time for a quick shower before heading out for hand-pulled noodles, then we took a couple of public buses over to the Terracotta Warriors. It was awesome, and I learnt a lot, but I’m not going to the effort of typing it all up now when I’m not sure this will post.

This evening we had a good meal in a sweet & sour restaurant, played pranks with the obligatory chicken’s head (which may have been mostly instigated by me!), and then went for a walk around the Muslim Quarter behind the Drum Tower.

Tomorrow we’ve got enough free time to cycle (or I’ll run if I’m up early enough) around the city walls, then we head for a 17-hour train to Chengdu to see the pandas.


1 thought on “Day 8: Seein’ Xi’an

  1. panda panda panda pandas 🙂
    just a small one is fine – I’m not fussy.

    what are hand pulled noodles then? is that like when you are tying to eat them and some pesky person tries to pull them off you?

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