Day 17: Sacred Place

Hello from the third of five days in Lhasa, Tibet (which means ‘sacred place). We’re just bimbling around gently to acclimatise to the altitude (3,700m above sea level).

It’s a fantastic, vibrant place which is close to being everything I’d dreamed it would be. I may even have had a little cry when I arrived, cos I was so happy. Just a shame I could not have visited earlier than two years ago…

So far we’ve visited the Jokhang Temple (I also joined a traditional Tibetan women’s work crew resurfacing the roof – videos to follow!)

, had a good old walk around the city & bazaars, had a Tibetan language lesson, cooked momos (traditional dumplings), and been to a phenomenally fun & moving school for blind children called ‘Braille Without Borders’ (will post more on this at a later date, too).

To come: the Potala Palace & monks’ debating at Sera monastery. On Tuesday we leave to travel to frozen lakes, another 1,000m above sea level.


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