My Christmas build-up in London


I’m off traveling over Christmas and New Year, so everything is happening early in my world.

I cooked Christmas dinner for my parents last week (we’ve taken to doing a full un-Christmas celebration early so we can do what we want to without guilt or missing out…they’re in Egypt now).

I’ve been:
– ice-skating at one of the temporary outdoor rinks that pop up in London (Somerset House this year)
– to the German-style Christmas market on the South Bank (all bustle, pickpockets and buskers playing carols at at least double speed – avoid!)
– to see the giant LEGO Christmas tree at St Pancras station (pic)

I’m a little old for visiting Santa.

And…whilst everyone else is having last-minute shopping panic, I can be smug that mine was done weeks ago! (I’m onto the rucksack now).

Mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas carols next weekend…then I’m off to the airport 🙂


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