Tahrir, one year on

The header pictures on my travel blog are some of my favourite travel photos. One may look just like a group of lads playing football, but it’s the location that inspired me to upload it earlier this year…

It was taken in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in January 2010.

Football in Tahrir Square, Cairo (January 2010)

Tahrir Square was a very different place a year ago today, when it was the focal point of the Egyptian revolution which eventually toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Today the name is synonymous with memories of violent conflict, and the blood of many people guilty mostly of “just” believing in the future and demonstrating for positive change.

One year on, I simply wanted to remember my memories of a peaceful place. And my hope that positive change may one day arrive in a country that I very much enjoyed travelling in (more than I ever thought I would).

A calm Tahrir Square, Cairo (January 2010)


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