Lake Nakuru, Kenya

After around four hours drive (African time: insert own road-based horror story here) north-west of Nairobi we reached Lake Nakuru.

A party of baboons met us ahead of the main gate, and loitered whilst we pitched the tents. They are annoying little so-and-so’s who steal your food in a heartbeat, but they can still be cute.


I can also report sightings of white rhino
…followed by the even rarer black rhino the following day.

Giraffes, as I think you may be aware, are pretty awesome.


At this point I’m afraid to say it’s rather dull waiting for slow campsite wifi to upload pictures, so I’ll add more at a later date.
In the morning I’m heading further west across Uganda to see the Chimpanzees, then into Rwanda for a trip of a lifetime gorilla safari.

Merry Christmas X

The Icelandic Yule Lads

As today’s the day, I wanted to share how Icelandic people count down to Christmas. I found a book about this during my first trip to Iceland. Since then, I’ve loved this story about the 13 little fellas who keep excitable Children in check as Christmas approaches.

They reputedly come from the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, so of course I visited there when I was chilling on the north side of iceland two years ago.

Me and the lads

This is their natural habitat, and playground:

Dimmuborgir: look closely and you may see one of the Yule Lads hiding in the lava field

Keep an eye on your sausages, and look forward to the day when you can gobble Skyr, safe in the knowledge that you are only copying the example of another.

Here’s someone else’s (much better, and more knowledgeable than mine) explanation:
Icelandic Jólasveinar – Santa Clauses in Iceland

From Furugrund